ARTIST ARMY is a multi-national team of creators who create characters and stories to meet international needs.
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Kazuyuki Tsuyuki

  • Illustration, Character Design, Story, and more.
  • HP:
  • Contact:
  • Member of Japan Illustrators Association
  • Clients include: Disney, Warner Bros., Nikkatsu, TV Asahi, Shogakukan, Gakken, Kadokawa Shoten, Tokuma Shoten, Byakuya Shobo, Recruit, and overseas clients in the USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore

Patrik Washburn

  • Illustration, Animation, Design, Character Design, Story, Localization.
  • HP:
  • Contact:
  • Member of Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
  • Clients include: Disney, Warner Bros., FEG Inc. (K-1), HUDSON, Kodansha, Gakken, Byakuya Shobo.


Hiroyuki Maeda

  • Character Design for games, animation, magazines, and business, Illustration
  • Contact:
  • Clients include: Disney, Warner Bros., Gakken, Byakuya Shobo.

Ken'ichi Miyata

  • Illustration, Character Design, Technical Illustration, Textile Design
  • HP:
  • Contact:
  • Artist Intro: Ken'ichi Miyata was emplyed at Canon until he formed his own company Mokku Ltd. in 1997. Since 2003 he has been showing his work at events such as Licensing Asia and Tokyo Contents Market. His character designs have appeared on several items over the past few years and he continues to produce highly marketable content. This year he was one of 21 artists across Japan selected by Victorinox to represent their area. Miyata's work will represent Chiba.
  • Clients include: Child Honsha Inc., Igarashi Inc., Canon, Canon Finetech, Canon Print Square, Itochu Plastics, Gakken Educational Publishing


  • Character Design, Illustration
  • HP:
  • Contact:
  • Style: Simple designs, but with impact.
  • Specialty: Sports, Historical, Animal.
  • Clients include: Tezuka Production, Warner Bros., Apple, Softbank, Shogakukan.

Takuya {truffle}

kuniko kishimoto

  • Illustration, Advertising, Design
  • Contact:
  • Art concept: Art to make people feel alive and healthy.
  • Awards: THE eto Illustration Contest Grand Prize Winner, Design Award 2007 Winner, Music > Art contest 3rd in popularity, Vitamin Art context winner
  • Events/Exhibitions: Group Exhibition 2006, Licensing Asia 2006, Tokyo Contents market 2007
  • Clients: Southern Marine Divers (T-shirt), Studio Voice Magazine (Advertising Illustration), "Power You Can Use" (Book Illustration), Maruishi Bicycles (Character Illustration).

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